Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Friday group responses

Three of us GPS task force members met on Friday, Sept. 9, with Second's longtime First Friday dinner/study group and asked its members some of our questions. Here, in brief form, are some of the responses:
Yes, the Jeters served ribs. Yum.
In response to the question of what Second does best (or at least well):

  • Being friendly.
  • Welcoming people.
  • Providing a variety of opportunities for people to plug in.
  • Good Bible teaching.
  • We care about one another.
  • There’s a diversity of mission efforts.
  • Metro Mission of Deacons is especially important.
  • We do worship well.
  • We serve educated, professional people well.
  • We provide leadership in various areas for the community.
  • We have lots of talent in our membership but sometimes struggle to marshal it.
  • We have some great art in the church — and artists, too.
  • The church is an energizing place where we can get recharged.
  • The history of how our church formed is important.
  • Our music program is helping with our relationship with UMKC.
In response to the question of what must change for Second to survive and thrive:

  • We much teach both our children and our adults biblical literacy.
  • We must figure out how to keep young families in our congregation and how those families can keep their children connected.
  • We must create meaningful mission opportunities for young people.
In response to an invitation to share their dreams for Second:

  • Provide love and care for our children by our adults.
  • Biblical and spiritual education through mentoring young people.
  • We need to bring back Scouting to Second.
  • We need to stand more publicly on the side of poor and voiceless people, especially on local issues that need our advocacy.
  • We should use our music program to reach out to the community. Like the drumming group Cory is helping with.
  • We should be training our people to become leaders at all levels of the PCUSA.
 Two additional comments:

“My vision for this church is to be freakishly good in terms of leadership."
“As a church we don’t think Christian education is very important.”

If you have comments you'd like to share with the GPS team, leave them here, e-mail them to or drop a note in the church file folder of Bill Tammeus, GPS moderator.

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