Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Some notes from the choir

As the GPS continues its discussions with various groups at Second, some of us spent some time with members of the choir on a recent evening.

We were interested not just to hear their thoughts about choir but also their broader dreams for the church.

Here are some things they told us:

* There's a nice mix of ages at Second now.
* We should encourage members to do their charitable giving through the church rather than individually to community organizations.
* It's wonderful to see so many children come forward for the children's sermon and to see so many new people attending worship.
* The Parish Ministry Team is doing an excellent job putting more emphasis on caring for our own members.
* Our efforts at being more hospitable are increasing and succeeding, though we need even more emphasis on that. 
* Second should advertise more and better.
* We should have more community events in the sanctuary, such as music programs.
* We should narrow the focus of mission by cutting down on the number of mission partners we support.
* People in church who used to join families at the Y camp in Estes Park, Colo., miss doing that now and need an alternative.
* The recent volunteer effort to help Harvesters is doing well.
* Change is both good and painful.
* We need more small group opportunities.
* Choir members need an opportunity to participate in Sunday School and other events that they can't do now because of rehearsal times.
We really need to improve youth group so we can attract families with children.
* The idea of Second creating a coffee shop near UMKC is great.
* Second needs a volunteer coordinator.

If you agree or disagree, let us know -- and give us your thoughts, too. You can e-mail us at or drop a note in the church file folder of GPS moderator Bill Tammeus.

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