Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meeting at our mission partners' sites

As the GPS team seeks to suggest a map to Second's future, we thought it was important that we not do all that work inside the walls of the church.

After all, if we keep our faith secluded, whose lives will we touch?

So we held our Aug. 17 meeting in the boardroom at Hope Care Center, the 24-hour skilled nursing facility for HIV/AIDS patients that Second helped to create in the mid-1990s.

Mike McTavish, Hope Care's CEO, was more than gracious in allowing us use of the facility, and even provided a tour for those on the GPS who had never visited Hope Care.

As we continue our work, we'll look for more opportunities to gather at the site of one or another of our mission partners.

Let us know if you want to suggest one. Just leave a comment here, e-mail or drop a note off in the church file folder of GPS moderator Bill Tammeus.

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