Friday, August 12, 2011

Questions for the church

At the Witherspoon Class this Sunday, Aug. 14, representatives of the GPS (God's Purpose for Second) task force will be present to engage class members in a conversation about some of these questions:

*     What is Second best at?
*     What does Second need to do or transform to survive and thrive?
*     What are the potential roadblocks that might keep Second from getting where we want to go?
*     What’s the one thing you wish Second were doing that we're not doing or could be doing better?
*     How can we find and develop the resources to achieve our dreams?
*     Are there additional human resources within the present membership that can be reached and tapped?
*     How do we balance the risk of moving too aggressively with change against the risk of not moving quickly enough or far enough?
*     What and where are the successful models to which we can refer? And how do we assess whether those would be the appropriate models for Second?
*     How much weight do we give to the potential alienation of members who may feel that “progress” is not what they are after?

We'd love to hear your answers to any or all of these questions. You may leave comments here, send e-mail to or drop a note in the church file folder of GPS moderator Bill Tammeus. And thanks.

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